Holiday Bonus Offer

You are eligible for this bonus if you purchase a Blendtec Blender in December through our exclusive Blendtec Holiday deal.

You must use the link on our site to get credit for the order. If you visit any other blender related sites prior to ordering, you may not get credit for the order. The best Blendtec promo code available is built into the link. Simply add to cart and proceed to checkout.

Here is the purchase link: Blendtec Total Blender Classic Holiday Deal for $279.95 with free shipping

When your purchase is complete, simply forward your order confirmation email from Blendtec to (it will contain a Purchase Number but not your credit card information) and include with it your mailing address.

In your email, specify whether you want the agave nectar or coconut oil. Once your order is verified, we will ship your Cyber Monday bonus within two weeks.

Congratulations on your new Blendtec blender!



by Jess

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