Hello Glass Straws, Goodbye Plastic!

glass straws

I’ve read so much about the dangers of plastic that it seemed foolish to not take in seriously. The health benefit of drinking smoothies regularly is clear, so why mess it all up by running it through a toxic piece of plastic?

Finally there is an alternative! I was given the most amazing set of glass straws from Hummingbird Glass Straws and I couldn’t be happier!

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I tried steel straws before and didn’t care for the metal taste. They were also a pain to clean because I couldn’t see the science project that was growing on the inside. The glass straws are super easy to clean and they came in a cool box with a handy cleaning brush. Kind of like a pipe cleaner wire brush thing.

I have some beautiful clear bent ones and the cutest little froggy straw. I can’t explain it, but my smoothies actually taste better with these straws. Is it glass straw magic? No clue, but I highly recommend checking these out. They look great, they are super durable, and I love getting rid of plastic from my home and from the landfills.